Can You Short Sale With Flat Fee Mls Service?

Can using Florida Flat Fee Mls Service help you save on short selling your home? Most banks require home owners to put their home on the market before they would even consider doing a short sale on your home. That’s where Florida Flat Fee Mls Service comes in to play. You can list your home on, zillow,, and your local mls, using Florida Flat Fee Mls Service. Say for instance you find your own buyer you pay Nothing….. The extra money saved can go towards the different you owe the bank on the short sale. Flat Fee Mls Services gives you options. The bank will need you to fill out whats call a short sale packet. This packet will give the bank all the information they need to help you threw the short sale process. Call Jessica she can help you threw the whole process (941) 249-2366

What does a Short Sale Package consist of?

  1. An Executed Listing Agreement.
  2. Fully Executed Purchase Contract.
  3. Seller’s Hardship Letter.
  4. Authorization Letter.
  5. Last 2 Bank Statements.
  6. Last 2 Tax Returns.
  7. Last 2 W2’s.
  8. Last two payroll stubs.
  9. An Estimated HUD-1.
  10. Additional Documents for your Short Sale Package.


A short sale is the selling of a home for less than the homeowner owes on their mortgage. For a short sale to take place, the lender must agree to accept a lower payoff amount on the existing loan.

Typically, a homeowner looks to pursue a short sale to avoid a foreclosure because the value of their home has dramatically decreased and they owe much more on the mortgage than the property is worth. You may have heard this referred to as being “under water” on the property. Call or text Jessica for help with all your real estate needs. Ph: (941)249-2366

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